Lattice Composites Bulk Molding Compounds are single component systems engineered to replace traditional composite and metals in structural applications. They are designed to combine ease of processing with superior mechanical properties. Lattice Composites supplies both injection and compression epoxy based molding compounds.

Contact Lattice Composites to learn more about acquiring a molding compound that is custom formulated to fit your process or need.

Low densityLightweight
High glass transition temperatureKeep strength in hot environments
Bulk materialEasy molding, isotropic strength
Customized strength, stiffness, mechanical propertiesFocused towards specific applications
Can make thick cross sectionsGreater range of applications
Acts as an insulatorApplications in electronics
Superior mechanical propertiesAllows for smaller usage, lighter parts
ToughenedImpact resistant
Fast cure timesIncreased throughput
No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)Less PPE

Lattice Composites Molding Compounds

Lattice Composites stock molding compounds are listed below. Material is supplied in 55-gallon drums or 5-gallon pail kits. Sample sizes are available upon inquiry. For more information about one of our molding compounds listed below, or about a custom formulation, please visit our Contact Us section.

Lattice MaterialReinforcement TypeFlexural Strength (ksi)*Flexural Modulus (Msi)*Glass Transition Temperature (°F)*Finished ColorDescription
LCMC-G1Fiberglass~302-3300Black, Grey, Yellow, Red, Olive DrabGeneral-purpose BMC: net shape, easy processing, high stiffness
LCMC-G2Fiberglass30-402.5-3375+Black, Grey, Yellow, Red, Olive DrabHigh Tg version of LCMC-G1
LCMC-C1Carbon Hybrid50-602.5350Black, GreyLow cost carbon fiber BMC: high strength, lightweight applications
LCMC-C2Carbon803350BlackHighest strength BMC

*Properties are presented for purpose of comparison. No guarantee is extended or implied regarding properties. The Tg and mechanical properties of the material depend heavily on process and compaction.