Lattice Composites Bulk Adhesives (LCBA) are single and two component epoxy based adhesive systems. They are designed to replace typical mechanical fasteners (screws, rivets, welding) and other adhesives (methacrylates, urethanes, acrylics). All of our adhesives show excellent bonding characteristics when applied to metals, composites, wood, PVC, and concrete. Both single and two component adhesives are highly customizable.

Contact Lattice Composites to learn more about acquiring an adhesive system that is custom formulated to fit your process or need.

Customizable cure time. 5 to 300 minutesFlexibility in processing
Minimal surface preparationEasy application
Not a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)Less PPE
Transparent once curedClean finished product
Distributes load along bond lineNo localized stress
Low densityLight weight
Dissimilar material bondingWider range of applications
High glass transition temperature (single component)Keep strength in hot environments
ToughenedImpact resistant

Lattice Composites Bulk Adhesives

Lattice Composites stock adhesives are listed below. Material is supplied in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pail kits, or cartridge systems. Sample sizes are available upon inquiry. For more information about one of our adhesives, or about a custom formulation, please see our Contact Us section.

Lattice MaterialAdhesive ClassCure TemperatureLap Shear, Aluminum (psi)*Description
LCBA77-5Two Component (1:1 mix ratio)Ambient~3500Snap-cure, two component, epoxy adhesive. Compatible with vast range of dissimilar surfaces.
LCBA77-5TXTwo Component (1:1 mix ratio)Ambient~3000Highly thixotropic version of LCBA77-5. Used for situations that require no dripping (surface coating, vertical bonding)
LCBA77-30Two Component (2:1 mix ratio)Ambient~4000High strength, two component, epoxy adhesive. Compatible with vast range of dissimilar surfaces.
LCBA250-TTSingle Component250-350~4000-6000Extremely high strength, single component, epoxy adhesive. Can serve as a system for film adhesives and pre-pregs.
LCBA250-A1Single Component250-350N/ALow density (3.5 lb/gal), syntactic, foam adhesive. Excellent for fill applications.
LCPA300Single Component250-3505000+Highly thixotropic, high toughness, high strength, single component, epoxy fill adhesive.

*Properties are presented for the purpose of comparison. No guarantee is extended or implied regarding properties.